Saturday, 30 January 2016

doped up Zombie and laying out chapters

Yesterday I had another of my silent migraines, no real pain, just a bit of a dull ache, but the scintillating scotoma that comes over me makes me partially blind for 5-10 mins, its rather scary

Worse though is the odd sensation afterwards, like a very stoned zombie, slightly nauseas, dizzy when I close my eyes and a strong feeling of drugged detachment not unlike when you get morphine in the hospital but without the happy feelings, which can last several hours. ie a Doped up Zombie
This one went on for about 6, really very unpleasant hours which I tried to fill with sleep...then I got drunk and the effect was similar.

I've been checked out with an MRI before where they concluded it was just an age/state of health issue, but I think I should go get another as I seem to be having them a lot more often, at least once a month and I think with increasingly effect.

At least I don't get the mega headaches I hear of in others...

Anyway, the interest of the publisher in my book has spurred me on to format the chapters in the book more carefully, I've added a few, and edited some of my waffle out a bit, I think the overall layout seems quite good so long as I can get my relevant points across in 700 or so pages.

Which is actually pretty challenging, squeezing what would take around 2 years for a student to learn into around 20 chapters...from beginner to Console wiz...will be interesting. But I think the method I use of not worrying so much about the language and focusing on the confidence and techniques will come though. I've done 100 pages so far with 4 chapters complete, though containing a lot of source at the beginning, I use less source as the book progresses and I discuss specific concepts.

Also I have done some research in to my potential target audience, that was very interesting indeed but I think I need to expand it a bit as I'm not 100% sure I can appeal to just 1 group of trainee coders.

Anyway, watch this space for update.


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