Thursday, 21 August 2008

boxes, cardboard and paper.

The flat is currently littered with boxes, mostly from Ikea, all unopened as I've not finished the lounge wall paper. Today a few more boxes are due to arrive amongst them my all important 26ft plasma TV....well not really, but I can dream.

A local electrical shop opened up last Saturday and had a great offer on a 100cm LCD Screen, which would have saved a few hundred euro's. Unfortunately by the time my expenses had hit the account, the offer had lapsed (as had stock, they flew out of the door) But when I explained to the salesmen I basically needed to buy almost every electrical gadget on offer we managed to negotiate a nice little discount....not as much as the special offer but still nice.

So today more big boxes are going to arrive to clutter the place up, so after I've finished work today I need to crack on with the decorating in the lounge and get the Ikea stuff built.


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