Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Internet at home yipeeeee..ah there's a catch

I got my internet router and set up details today. The phone itself isn't actually on till Friday but I thought I'd hook everything up so it would be ready when it did get switched on.

Thing is, once I did hook it up, the DSL light came on which means it was getting a data signal.
Sure enough, 10 minutes later after I set up the laptop to put in passwords and stuff I have internet at last, access to faster por....ermm webcam chats with my beloved.

But I'm a bit worried the line is supposed to be 20Mb, now as is usual in the UK you seldom get the stated speed, normally its 50-80%...but after checking it I'm only getting 0.6M . Thats a helluva difference from 20M.
I'm going to assume the line is not fully clear yet so will wait till the phone is put on on Friday and if its still 0.6M Mr's B's little boy is going to be on the phone pdq wanting his missing 19.4M.

In other news..the bike is still in the shop waiting for the factory repair geezer to come and give it once over. But as I've now started work I needed to get hold of a bike, so am renting for a week, hopefully that'll be long enough.

Work started on Monday and its all a bit of a blur at the moment, theres a huge number of new people to get to know, and masses of education'talk that goes right over my head, but some if it is starting to sink in and hopefully by the time school starts proper I'll at least get my Dutch collegues names pronounced correctly. Either that or I'll have to start calling everyone Luv or pal....might reduce the number of face slaps.


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