Sunday, 17 August 2008

Thunder in the air

In Breda, everyone cycles, pretty much. That's not to say there's no cars, there are, but for 2 wheels you can't seem to top the bycicle.
There are however a few motor bikes though, and almost all are Harley's. To make them more interesting they seem to like them very loud so they drive around without baffles in the exhausts making an incredible din.
Just one unsilenced Harley can be heard from half a mile away. So much so that I often mistake it for thunder.

Today is Harley Dag in Breda, or Harley Day if you prefer.....One day a year Breda hosts a festival where Harley owners from all over Europe descend on what is normally a quiet little town and the place becomes a mecca for bikers.
There are hundreds if not thousands of unbaffled Harleys, driving around Breda or sat posing in the Grote Markt or other large squares, with their proud owners showing off the new chrome they got last month and demonstrating just how much noiser it is that the guy next to them.

There's a lot of Thunder in the air today..Thor will be pleased.


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