Saturday, 9 August 2008

Its like the 70's all over again

We went to the pics last night, and were a bit late (she sent me to the wrong matter what story she tells was her fault) and misssed the Dark Knight (they don't let you in once it's started)
So we decided to see wise it was ok, but this fantastic little cinema was like something straight out of the 70's. Tiny little 4 screen theatre, where you are called to attened just before the performance starts. Each theatre sits about 150 and someone closes the door just before the film proper cute.

But...this is what got me......they had an intermission...Half way through the film, they stopped for ice cream and drinks was sooo cute. Shame there was no lady with a tray but still...I've not seen anything like that in 20 years.

It seems this small cinema is going to close soon as there is a big multi screen opening up which I think is going to take over the franchise. That'll be a shame.

I also commited a terrible faux pas, In typical UK fashion I left my drink bottle on the theatre floor, but as I was waiting for Bina to come out of the loo (bladder like a walnut) I noticed everyone coming out and depositing their rubbish in the bins outside...oh dear..I feel so bad about that now. I have to rediscover my long lost social conscience and start picking up my own rubbish in future.


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