Saturday, 9 August 2008

Brussels japes

So every year it seems in the Grand Place they have a carpet of flowers and a bit of a party, there's bound to be links on the net.
So Bina and I are walking around Brussels taking in the sights and sounds, all very nice. And we wander into the Grand Place, where everyone is sitting on the ground watching the Hotel DeVille which has a lights being set up changing the colours of the building in very impressive ways.... So convinced something cool was about to happen, we joined the throngs of tourists on the clean cobbles and waited, and waited, and waited...then some more waiting, and a bit more which time, being a bit clever, I started to suspect something was not quite right...but being equally a bit stupid I waited a bit more.
Until 11-30 or so an my bum started to complain about the cobbles, no matter how clean they were.

Time to give it up and go get a drink at one of the open air cafes. A glass of Vin rouge and a lager for the commoner with me, and I asked the waiter what was was a test for the lights at the weekend...A couple of hundred tourists are sat around on cobbles waiting for a performance that ain't happening for 2 days.

So my experience of Brussels is coloured (geddit) by the experience of sitting on cobbles for 2 hours waiting for a light show.


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