Thursday, 14 August 2008

Not much news I'm spending a few days a the NHTV office to get access to the internet so I can set up my new work laptop.
Work proper starts on Monday which will be fun, though I understand that it's mostly going to be an induction process for a few days.

I have discovered a few problems with the language...mainly my lack of understanding of it, as I've cocked up my pin number on my bank card and have to apply for a new one...I assumed a number I got from the bank was my pin, but in fact it was a telephone access code. So when I tried to use that number on my internet scrambler gadget 3 times without success it killed my card.
Which was not exactly fun...lucky there's no money in there that I need to get my hands on urgently and I have just enough cash to see me through till my expenses hit the account.

In other news, the repair shop reports the bike has a 50-50 chance of recovery. Watch this space.


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