Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Settling down and more material want woes

Been a busy few days, the initial whirlwind of information was pretty overwhelming but things are starting to settle down now. I am starting to focus on what I need to talk about next week and putting together the course work needed.

And the living room is finally papered and all the ikea furnure is all built

Starting to feel like home.


there's a fly in the ointment of my contentment
I'm not coping well with schedules, fairly simple thing I know but I've not really had to work to a schedule for some time so I've got a little out of the habit of keeping note of meetings and things.
So this finally gave me the incentive to go buy an Iphone so I can carry an organiser around with me at all times (ok ok I also want an Iphone real bad and they are cheap here)

Trouble is everywhere is sold out...So I tried an Apple store. "Yes we have them in stock"......hurrah
But...there had to be a but. I need to also get a contract with guessed it, there's a problem. The online system can't cope with ex pats, and so you have to send in the forms on a fax. Ok well 2 days turnaround is not so bad..thats what they told me.
2 days come and 2 days go and on the 3rd day I walk back into the Ifactors shop and ask what the hold up is. Trouble is the assistant manager has gone on a training course and has left word that it might take 2 weeks to process the T-mobile application.
I suffer


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