Thursday, 21 August 2008

A desk.....I have a desk

Finally decided to build my nice Ikea desk and chair today so I can sit in the spare room and work away from TV and the ever welcoming fridge.

So some semblence of a working environment means I'm actually getting quite a lot done..dunno if its any good or not, but between bug fixes on my DS project and taking notes and making comments on my programming course, I've had a really productive day.

And just to top things electrical goods have finally much for the promised early morning delivery.

Oh I forgive them though...I have a Freezer, printer,dvd/hifi, microwave and TV at last....I can lounge around in style tonight.....well after I've put paper on the back wall.

oh thats interesting, I just noticed that this blog works on UK time....not that that means much, just thought it was interesting


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