Sunday, 14 September 2008

3 down 49 to go

Well I know I missed out number 2 which was my 1st teaching week, but it was pretty good fun.
2nd week was a little less fun, I had to cover a very boring topic, (pointers in c++) which some of the advanced students found boring, but the noobs found a bit tricky...which was of course entirely the point.
I made them watch a terrible video I found on the net explaining pointers...bad as it is, it does indeed explain the concept really well so I will strap students into chairs and force them to watch it 15 times, every time I see an error in the way the use pointers from now on.
Next week though things should really start to get interesting, not so much standing in front of a power point presentation and a lot more getting things done and learning new things by doing them.

Anyway, am back in the UK for a couple of days, packing up some stuff ready to ship over to holland next week. I'm getting tired of not having access to my Main PC and all its tools and games as well as my music and a couple of jackets....I went over with 1 suitcase and could only pack 1 jacket..time for a change :D
(I have washed it...its not as if it smells....much)

Saw Danni and her fella yesterday and went for dinner which was really nice. Love the way she's becoming more outgoing and assertive (though not always in a good way do look at women from time to time in the streets...let it go??)

Probably going to pop over to my mums later if I get a chance but right now I'm hunting for a big sturdy box that can take my Main PC and it's 3 monitors and huge amounts of bubble wrap.

Whatever happened to tea chests? I remember them when I was a kid, used to be great for shipping stuff around, like ermmm tea.


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