Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Got him

he'd gone out, so by sheer luck I spotted his car coming in, so went out to confront him, fortunatly he wasnt a huge body builder type, more a weedy hairdresser type, so I let rip and asked him why he ignored my notes, and was parking in my space. In full angry fat Scottish bloke mode which clearly scared the shit out of him.

He made some pathetic excuse that his space was too far away and someone else was in it, and it was a big garage etc...but I wasn't in the mood for crap like that, so made it clear he was not to park in my space again. He refused to give his name or flat number but he had an envelope in his hand and I could clearly see his address, so a mail has gone off to the landlord so he can remind him which space is allocated to him.

I do hope thats the end of it...we'll see, but unless he gets very brave quickly I think he'll avoid me like the plague from now on.

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