Saturday, 20 September 2008

Undeserved notoriety

Now that I've been here a few months I'm starting to get to know people outside of work, and have made some new friends with an interest in poker (oh and booze..lets not understate the interest in booze)
Nothing serious you understand, just friendly games with a €50 buy in, €0.50 small blinds, winner takes all or cash in by 2am.

But I've unfortunaly gained a repuation as a bit of a card shark becuase I have cleaned up in both games after coming back from very short stacks.

Last night, in particular was a really good night as I was a little reckless to start with and lost my stake pretty quick, but after ingesting large amounts of red wine waiting for others to fall out of the game, I decided to borrow €20 and get back into the game.

I ended up the chip leader by a fair old margain and knocked out 3 of the 7 players and did serious damage to the remaining stacks. Returning the borrowed stake, I more than tripled my money.

You could of course say that it was all becuase they were drunk by then, but remember I was also drinking quite a bit..and in fact my playing improved as I got more and more pissed. All in all a good night out, I just hope my new friends don't take their ever more frequent joking references to "hustlers" too seriously :)

Looking forward to the next game, I wonder how long this beginners luck will hold out ;)

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