Monday, 29 September 2008

Transubstantiation is real

As a good catholic boy when I was a kid, I was indoctrinated into the faith in the usual ways, not least of which was the importance of my 1st communion. I absolutely believed in the catholic concept of Transubstantiation which basically means one thing turning into another (bread to the body of Christ and all that)
But as I grew up and developed my heathen and atheistic viewpoint. I rejected all that mumbo jumbo as so much religious twaddle.

So imagine my surprise today to discover that Transubstantiation is real and I have evidence to prove it.

yes indeed. With no more than a few days waiting and some cursing at local depot managers, 2 Parcels can mysteriously, indeed miraculously turn into 4 alloy wheels and 3 low profile tyres.

Hallelujah and other such words of rejoicing.

However despite this miraculous event, I must admit I'm not a happy bunny, and have asked the local DPD depot to reverse this undoubted miracle, so I can get my hands on some clean underwear....Besides I don't have a car that could use these wheels.

oh I should point out, the sarcasm on show here is hiding fury on a scale you probably can't far no one has been injured..but there's still time. They promise to reverse the miracle tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Well you will pay £40 for shipping...

Boring old Fart said...

well that was the going rate, it certainly wasn't the cheapest....