Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Home sweet home.

Its amazing how things creep up on you and suddenly become so real you can't remember when they were'nt there before.

As I was travelling back to Breda on Monday, I kept thinking how nice it would be to get home....."Home" when did that happen. I spent a nice weekend at my old "home" but somehow it was just a place I stayed at, and now I'm home Breda

I guess this means I've settled in eh?

Going to be a nice week this week though, when I was over in the UK I got my monster beast of a PC all packed up and ready for shipment, though I had to leave 2 of the 3 monitors I normally use there. It'll still be nice to get the behmoth here and set up and get access to all my code utilities and records.

Also more importantly I packed the boxes with clothes, both as padding and because I needed to ship more clothes can only wash and wear the same 6 or 7 shirts and 3 pairs of jeans so often eh?

Having a good week at college though, I've started to introduce the students to the joys of actually writing games using some of the skills they've learned. So far they seem excited by it...Lets hope it carries on like that.


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