Monday, 22 September 2008

Nice Sights

Last month Breda held an anual balloon festival, Bina was over at the time and we had hoped to go see the balloons but crappy weather and errm bicycle malfunctions meant we never got to go.

Shame really since theres something strangly romantic about big bags of nylon being pumped full of super heated gasses then flying off on really!

Anyway I was on my way to the bins yesterday and as I stepped out my door onto the stairwell I saw 3 ballons floating directly overhead, which made me go ohhhh.. and run to get my camera.

Not the greatest pics, they had moved on a bit by the time I got the camera working. It looks a bit grey here, and it was actually a lovley day here, but it was still quite a sight to see these huge gas bags so close and hear the burners blowing as they passed overhead.

Bina's mad at me I think...she said I didn't mention her in the blog recently, which is true, because I was talking about other things. I think that distance relationships suffer a lot from that unwritten rule about "keep communicating with each other". But this blog is not intended as a means of communication between my girlfriend and me..We do that on the phone and msn most nights.

I think she's just tired because she's currently over in India teaching some PRINCE2 to a bunch of unsuspecting Indian business men.

Wonder what they'll make of her, I always thing of her as my dusky maiden, but I suppose she'll be a little pasty to them and have a funny english accent :)

Anyway, I do miss you, I do wish you were here, you do occupy my thoughts all the time and I hope you have a great time in India and get to see some nice sights. you go I mentioned you, and we can talk about it later when you tell me about your day.


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