Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Damn he's quick

So my parking spot thief never called last night, I checked late last night and the note was still on his windscreen, meaning of course he'd parked up for the night and wasn't going to see the note.

Since I have a couple of parcels arriving at the office sometime today I made the extremly unusual decision (for me) to get up early and head to the office for 8am so I'd be there when they arrive. Also hoping that I could bump into our friend at the same time. Face to face conversations are usually the best way to prevent petty squables escalating I think

Sadly though, he'd already left at 7-45am but it was interesting to see the note was not lying on the floor this time, which means of course he's kept it and will hopefully call me today sometime to resolve this...I'm still looking for a wheel clamp though.


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