Friday, 2 January 2009

And even stranger

Last 2 pics I promise

In this one you can see we are heading towards some recognisable rock formations, again before the odd ones I highlighted. Unfortunatly it was taken from inside the car so has a window reflection and is not as sharp, but it does give an overall view of the area ahead, the depth of the gorge and the noticable absence of power lines or pylons.

Now look at this one, a little see the "power lines" heading down at an angle, but apparently not connecting to any pylons?

Well thats it...I am still stumped..logic tells me they are power of phone cables, but in every other logical way they seem wrong, always parallel to the camera and displaying the same thickness, no evidence of pylons, no memory of seeing them when the pics were taken and generally just being wrong.

I'll have to head back to GC to double check this :D



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