Friday, 2 January 2009

just before the spooky pics

It's been suggested that the lines are powercables, which logically would seem the best answer, but looking through the pics before and after there was evidence of more lines, not always as oddly parallel but still there...
These pics were taken 30 mins or so before the odd also shows some lines...but there's no sign of pylons and they seem to be heading nowhere upwards
And again bear in mind, we were up in mountains, the roads were very windy and there were sheer drops of hundreds of metres below us. Your average HT powercable would need a fair number of pylons to support them going up such steep slopes and none are visible in any of the pics taken around this time.
We do have some pics taken earlier and lower in the terrain, of pylons and power cables though, which are visible as black lines with noticable sag and regular pylons supporting them.


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