Thursday, 1 January 2009

UFO's Unexplained Foto Occurances...what???

We had a fantastic time on Christmas day, we hired a little green mazda 2 and headed off into the interior of Gran Canaria determined to get to one of the main summits and view the island through 360degress.
We never quite managed it but we did get some absolutely spectaular views, and with wonderful clear sunshine it was a genuinely wonderful day out.

But today as we were going over the photos, something very very odd caught our eye. At one point we spotted Mount Teide, which is over in Tenerife poking its summit above some clouds and we stopped to take some pics of what was frankly an awsome sight.

Sadly the photo does not quite capture it as well as we hoped but you can just make out the snow capped summit poking up.

But what is even more strange is the rest of the photo.
Can you see those 3 parallel lines at the bottom/middle....We took a few photos in that area and I can assure you at no time did we see 3 lines..At first glance they look like a scratch on the lens, or a light effect or fault in the card, or perhaps cables. But look carefully..its not a scratch becuase other pics are not affected, its not cables because we really don't recall seeing them, and also cables stretched that distance would sag and would be horizontally parallel rather than vertical, and also...zoom in, and you will see the lines go behind the plants in the its not a lens effect or a fault in the card...Also they are incredibly parallel...I mean just too parallel?

Also consider that we took those pics on the edge of a gorge several hundred metres deep, and at least a kilometere or 2 wide which might help to get an idea of how wide this image is and any cables would have to span a fair distance a long way up.

Some more examples



This final image is a little different, it was taken a bit later bit in the same general area, the interesting thing is the lines are no longer parallel at this point but still seem to be perfectly stright and uniform over a vast distance.

I have no explination for this at all..its kind wierd. I'd love to hear opinions?


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