Sunday, 11 January 2009

Feeling Human

I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd picked up another cold soon after (or nearly)getting over a cold I picked up in the Canaries. What I haven't said is how ill I've its not man flu...just 2 colds on the trot, something I can't honestly remember ever happening before. I'm prone to the odd cold like most people but usually a month or 2 apart.

3 weeks of constant heavy coughing, sneezing and a still very sore rib take their toll. I was feeling pretty rough last week while I was giving the last of my lecture weeks and was happy to get through them without spitting out a lung on a students desk. With hindsight I've probably given most of them a similar nasty cold to show up during their exam week...hope not.

Today though...touch wood, I'm feeling much more myself again. Still coughing a bit, and my voice sounds like its being filtered through a cheese grater but my head is clear and I've got some energy back. I even did a bit of hoovering this morning.

Phew...trouble is, I've been looking at the project work I've done the last couple of days....I can't make head nor tail of it, its like reading code written by a drunk/doped up geek, probably going to have to scrap it and go back a few days to get back into it.
I think I should probably have just stayed in bed rather than trying to do anything, but I have a milestone looming and wanted to try to get as much done as possible.

Right, onward an upward! No teaching for 3 weeks so a perfect chance to get a big chunk of work done on my project which has been annoyingly slow to take shape but is finally starting to come together and looking cool.


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Colin McNulty said...

You are in a lot of company Brian. There's a lot of long lingering colds going round. I had it a month or 2 ago, was 4 weeks from start to end. Nasty business.