Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sad News

Tonight I had some very sad news, an ex collegue of mine from my days at Creations Software passed away suddenly yesterday, not quite sure why, I'll probably hear in a few days through the old collegue network, though it seems to be asthma related. He was only 41.

I worked for 2 years with Danny Whelan, on 2 Baseball titles for Nintendo, I did the main game code while he did all the menus and stat code. He seemed to like that kind of fiddly work and quietly chugged away with it during both projects, sometimes a little slower than I would have liked but he never seemed to want to give up.

We never got to be great buddies, but we would often share a laugh and a joke and a drink and he was genuinly one of those really nice shining people that you can't ever imagine any harm coming to. I lost touch with him after I left Creations and it later went bust, but we did bump into each other at shows and it was always nice to hear how he was doing. I seem to recall the last time we spoke he was beaming about a new addition to the family.

I don't really know what to say about this. When people you know die it re-enforces your own mortality a little and that can be a bit of a shock. But when people you know, who are genuinely nice decent gentle souls, can be struck down at an early age, it sorta hits that bit harder and just seems dammed unfair.

Danny leaves a wife and 2 young kids behind. I can't imagine the degree of loss they are feeling now, but I do know that all those who knew Danny will be feeling some amount of loss.



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