Thursday, 29 January 2009

no, I am still here

And having briefly met one of my readers today, I thought I should put up something interesting...Hi Phil.


not much to say really, I met one of my readers today, briefly.

Oh and the dev kits arrived which was good as I was really struggling to get a progress build out today but as usual with these things as the time for delivery got closer and closer, more and more things started to break. Including a rather nasty bug that I later discovered was related to some of the rather nice graphic effects I had put into out game.
So despite my best efforts we had to submit a build with a lot of its best graphics removed arrhh
Anway, I hate strange bugs, and after calling it quits around 11-30 I had a few glasses of a nice red alcoholic beverage which Albert Heijn (the local supermarket)
insists is called wine....well at under €2 a bottle, I struggle with calling it anything..But actually its not half bad.

And after a few glass of said red beverage I decided not to let that bug live...and so it is that its now ohhh 3.47am local time.

The bug is dead.

Time for bed.

Bye Phil.


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