Thursday, 19 March 2009


I'm tired, my bum hurts (not because of any kind of strange perversions I hasten to add...but from sitting on it for the last however many hours) and I have to stop now before I collapse and end up waking with an imprint of my nice MS 4000 keyboard on my face and the keys all covered in drool (yes has happened)

When I was young..oh so many years ago. I used to stay up all night coding quite regularly, in fact I often did my best work in the wee small hours. But it gets so much harder to stay awake now. I still think I do my best work at these times, away from distractions and locked into a mindset that sounds a bit like...."must code, must code, must code". But the desire to crawl into a nice cosy bed, and escape the bum torture my chair is inflicting has become too strong.

So why am I prolonging my agony posting here...because you build up a kind of momentum when you work like this and you need to take some time when you stop to unwind and switch your brain into time to sleep mode, and not do coding type things. Better to do something mundane and non coding...ermmm like this I guess.

Oh in other news my health insurance card arrived today, so hopefully I can call the hospital, give them my card number and let them fight it out over the bill.

hmmm this mundane stuff isn't working...I might as well resort to the alternative.
Large quantities of alcohol, pity the kebab place is closed...I wonder if there's any cold pizza in the fridge I can nuke..

God...(or whatever non existent deity you happen to exclaim to) I love being a programmer.
Uh oh....sleepy time....ZZZZzzzzzzzzzoerohn;derfg nikdfg;.kd /;.ldgdidfgkdfklgndflkgh;/lkdegbFWE';IE5RT

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