Friday, 20 March 2009


eh...oh where was I?

s'cuse me while I just wipe the drool away dsfghfgjklasdghds;ogfhdlfgnshgu;dl/f ngsg.njklso;ikl.kdrjgts hsdas;oihrtuyoijgsdrhfj

Ok, so some news. I got my health insurance policy in today and yeahhh its dated August 2008 which is when I signed it. It does look like I'll have to pay 6 months premiums to get it up to date, but thats still a lot better than €3,250.

Work wise, we've broke the back on this job now, all the really annoying tricky stuff is working fine and only the minor bits to put together now. Hoping to have one more final push tonight to get the demo ready for GDC then get back to more regular working times and also finish up some decorating in the halls in time for the girls coming..Oh yes I have instructions to buy more mirrors. Since apparently 1 full length mirror is simply not enough in an apartment with 2 women in it!!

So...better crack on


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