Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Kill All Technology

TECH!!!! don't look mum..your bit is below

I finally managed to fix the SVN, though still a couple of very minor complaints with some files, If I delete them from the main rep, then update,then re-add them it fixes. Just have to be careful not to accidentally lose the file as I did before.

I think this was actually a problem on my systems rather than our repo; I had a minor virus attack last week on the laptop, which Norton didn't catch, and it ran through a lot of files doing its nasty thing. Fortunately even though Norton could not kill it, it did report heals and quarantines so I knew it was having problems. I backed it up with AVG which used a brute force removal method to erase all infected files. Virus gone, all good?
But. I think some damage occurred to the SVN log files on the machine

This happened to occur at the same time roughly as our loss of SVN (modem died at server end) so was transferring files to my main computer on usb..including the damaged sections of SVN, So by the time SVN came back on..both my main working machines had damage to their local SVN logs.

So both machines were working in so far as I could write, compile test code, but svn kept dying on "missing files" which were actually there, and no amount of cleaning touching and restoring would solve it...So no updates to SVN and more and more lack of integration.
Not a terrible thing is some ways, we've both been writing code but each of us needs the others code to complete the sections so we've been unable to produce a playable demo.

Anyway...fixed now, meeting Dino later to get hold of the control routines to plug into the two waiting sub games and then some tidy up....well thats the plan :)

Non Tech..ok mum you can read from here.
Nothing to report been busy on tech stuff.


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