Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Work work work and GDC

Next week is GDC, (Games Developers Conference) so my recent slippage on my project has a practical impact. We have to get a demo ready for the show, since it will be shown around and commented on. So I've been pulling incredibly long work stretches of 20+hrs at a time to get it together. Fortunately, a few strange sticky points notwithstanding its coming together now and starting to look like a game, just a few more threads to pull together and we'll have a kick ass demo, but I am so busy which is why I've not been updating the blog.

I would normally detest the idea of working such long hours and would never advocate it where I had people working for me doing such hours, but ....well its not as if I have much else to do till Bina and Jodie get here, so working is quite therapeutic.
I am so lucky to have a job that allows me to make so much time available for my other work, academia really is fantastic.

Anyway back to GDC.
Since the fairly spectacular demise of E3, events like GDC have become more about the marketing of games rather than any specific attempt to put together coherent developer type input. Though they still have all the speeches by various luminaries and tech heads, I don't feel its really a conference worth going to, I mean who wants to go to San Fransisco for a week, all expenses paid and mix with friends and collegues you've not seen for ages, goto endless parties and look at all the latest games..hmmm who??

Yes thats right I didn't put a request in to go early enough..being new at NHTV I don't really know how to do these things....Dino is going, sigh!.

back to work.


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