Monday, 9 March 2009

The worlds most expensive Sneeze

yes the cost of my "sneeze", the one that landed me in hospital for 2 nights and had me quaking with fear at the thought of more to come...had a price.

That price is high.

The totals have been tallied, the expenses factored in, the bed, the nurse, the drugs, the out patients appointment etc

And the final bill comes to.


yup....thats how much my sneeze is going to cost ME!! Though I am still hoping I can get the insurance I thought I'd taken out in August last year to sort it, it does seem likely that I will have to pay that or a large chunk of it myself. wonder people go broke when they are ill!!! At that kinda cost I would have been better off scoring some serious drugs in Amsterdam and booking a week in a piss soaked cheap hotel room attended by 2 cheap crack whores who's job would have been to keep me stoned/distrracted till the pain went away. I'd still have got change from €500

Bah!!! just Bah!!!!

This of course is why I've been away from you for several days, working my touchey off fixing some annoyingly stubborn issues with the DS's texture memory so I can get our game back on schedule as quickly as possible...clearly I need the money.


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