Friday, 2 October 2009

am a bad widdle boy

I bought a new guitar.......well I had to really, there it was on ebay, from a dealer in Holland and it kept saying..."Buy me buy deserve an end of project treat.....I'm it" over and over again it said it to me....I could only resist for so long.

I bought it.....a 2005 Fender Fat Stratocaster with Suhr custom pickguard and pups.....oh boy cant wait for it to be delivered.

Years ago I had an 70/80's white strat...can't honestly remember much about it, other than it was a very very cool guitar and I had to sell it to raise finance to start a business...These days that same strat is probably worth a couple of grand. I have always regretted selling it. so this new one is an investment.....honest.

So as I am currently enjoying a very minor cash surplus.....I took the chance to buy something I have always wanted to replace.

A genuine Fender Stratocaster.

Now I have to sell a couple of my other lesser guitars to make room.


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