Sunday, 11 October 2009

Loving it


love it love it love it. Its just awesome, puts all my lesser guitars to shame, so they are all getting sold....some of them....a couple are getting sold off as I just don't need them any more.

Staggering difference in sound, tone, and ease of play, I love it..So much so, I'm going to get get some lessons to learn how to play the thing properly instead of just plonking around on it..Time to get serious.

Jodie is away in Spain with her school for a week, nice. 30deg sunshine she is having there, while here in Holland the Autumn has definitely hit and the temperatures are dropping (as well as the nights fair drawing in). Our under floor heating kicked in this weekend for the 1st time since winter so thats a sure sign of temps dropping.

Anyway, ..going to go watch Xfactor now, which will be missing Louis Walsh tonight as a result of Stephen Gatley's sad age at all. I wonder what the cause was.



Colin McNulty said...

Hey Brian, need to email you but only have your old UK email address and phone numbers. Can you drop me an email to: please?

Boring old Fart said...