Friday, 30 October 2009

temp fix in place

ICT gave me a replacement laptop, they put my HD into one of the staff laptops and I am able to get all my stuff off it. They're going to see if mine can be repaired, if not I'll probably get a new laptop...yeah...and boo, I'm not overly keen on switching machines if they are working well because you always get something you need left behind. But for now I've got my files and can do my backups.

Also I picked up the 99€ adapter from Apple...yes it works but what a bloody price for what is basically a converter. Trouble is I only have 1 dual line DVI cable, so will have to pop into town tomorrow to get another for the mac. But testing it out on my pc's cable it looked smashing and I can get Xcode to work at a good size and get the Iphone simulator on screen too.

I'll have to get into this iphone stuff sooner or later so now I have my full screen res again I've got not excuse (actually I quite like my new mac now that it is running quiet so will try to get a few hours time on it soon.

Got a PSP gig to get off the ground 1st though.


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