Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Girl shopping?

Today, rather than sit around at home I took Jodie shopping in Rotterdam. She was quite pleased to hear that is a Primark there and she wanted to stock up on bling and cheap stuff. Well so did I (not the bling) and off we went for a "girly" day out.
OMG...how do they do this...I go to a shop...get what I want in the bag, pay and go home....Women....its an olympic sport!!!

This trip involved a (delayed) train to Rotterdam, a walk around Rotterdam town centre (which I partly wanted to do...found a model shop :D) Then 2 metro trains to the out of town suburb where there is a huge shopping mall...which we had to walk through before we got to the Primark.

So she's stocked up on bling, tops and boots and I got myself some jumpers for the winter....Yes it was cheap but not sure it was worth the cost of the trip and the time and the fact my feet are killing me...no shopping in heels for me in future!!

Oh...we also found the famous Dildo Gnome

funny thing


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