Sunday, 25 October 2009

I'm so Ronery

Bina's over in the UK for a week to see her mum who's been a little poorly recently but is picking up...Jodie went to stay at a friends last night and I've had the apartment to myself all day yesterday and so far The dog is sulking because the girls are not here and just stares at me :( even though he's going out every 2-3 houtrs cos I'm bored.

Only so much guitar playing you can do before the fingers start hurting...(maybe that's why he's staring)

Anyway...quite pleased with my new multi track recorder even though it arrived with a broken knob which fortunately was easy enough to superglue back on. Works a treat, I had a spare 9v 300mA PSU which works with it so that makes it easier to use. It even has a little built in mic so I can record my classical guitars as well (they're not equiped with pickups)

Have sold my little Ashton guitar to one of my Students, so thats only leaves the big unbranded 12 string to sell off.. Have actually been playing it into the recorder to hear what it sounds like recorded and it really is very good to listen back to, but as a guitar its just too hard to play with its high action so needs to be sold off, but I suppose it's good practice for my finger placment as I have to press down quite hard to get clean notes.

I am trying to play this...

But of course I am not even close to being there yet, its a simple Am Em C repeat arpeggio but it trips you up when you try to get more intensity into a measure..Thom Yorke makes it seem so simple to play, I'm quite envious, this is probably one of the best acoustic versions of this Radiohead song ever recorded.

Even if I do manage to get the guitar part right, I don't sing, so I can't really add the colour that he does to a simple melody.

My effort(guitar only) does sound a lot better when you listen back to the recorded track though and add a little chorus to the mix. Still not good enough to make public though but the aim of recording to highlight errors is definitly working well.

I also recently upgraded my Mac mini (which I use for iphone/ipod stuff). The old one was a lovley bit of kit but it did not have dual dvi output support to allow it to drive my big monitor. I got the new one (which does have dual DVI but annoyingly I discovered I need a seperate Apply only adapter for), from the same guy I got the old one as its cheaper than buying from Apple direct and he's very reliable.

It's an upgraded 2Ghz system with 4G Ram and a 500Mb hard drive and Nvidia graphics. A step up from the old one and I have to say much much quieter. The old one got a bit noisy when the fan was blowing to cool down the stressed CPU. I've not heard the fan once on the new one...awsome.

I've sold the old one to Dino, who also wants to do some Iphone stuff, to offset the costs and once he pays up I should be able to invest in that quality acoustic guitar I want.

Bina says she is missing Breda and finds Bradford very strange and noisy. Which is funny, she lived there for so long and now it seems like another world. Her heart is here now like mine, I really can't see us living anywhere else.

Jodie just texted to say she's on her way, so I guess I better clean up and start thinking about food for tonight.


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