Tuesday, 20 October 2009

And so begins a long slog

Today after 30 years of tinkering with a guitar I had my 1st lesson. It was cool, Joost, (for it is he who has foolishly agreed to attempt to fix all my bad habits) showed me a few interesting things to help with my F/B Barres which I have real problems with (it might be the action on my Sigma needs adjusting according to Joost) and seemed happy with my basic fingering and picking skills...Just that small matter of having no sense of rhythm and being tone deaf to deal with now.

I really have decided to take this seriously this time, I love playing guitar,but have always wanted to be able to play to a half decent standard so this will be a motivation for me to move my playing forward as well as get my lovely new strat to sing to me.

I picked up an 8 track digital recorder (Zoom MRS8) cheap on ebay so that I can record and store some of my practice sessions and studies and listen back, hopefully to hear improvements…if things go well I might post some things here. Gulp!!

Going to sell off some of the lesser guitars though as I said before and focus on a couple of very good quality ones. I have the Strat so don’t need another electric and I already sold my telecaster copy (very cheap ebay guitar but surprisingly good player) and I think Carlos S from work, will take my SG copy which I’ve loaned him for a few weeks to try it out. The Ashton and 12 string will probably go on ebay, but I doubt they’ll make much since they both suffer from the curse of cheap guitars, lifting bridges, which are stable but do raise the action…they are really too cheap to consider having repaired, I may end up giving them away.

A really good quality acoustic is on the shopping list once these have been sold. I intend to visit some guitar shops to try and find something that I really like. I like my Sigma a lot and won’t be selling it for a while for one thing is less risk to transport to Joost’s place …we’ll see how I feel when I get myself a quality acoustic. I may eventually just cut down to my Rodreguez Model B classic, 1 good acoustic (considering a Breedlove), my mad roberts skeleton silent(below) and the Strat, 1 of each main type…I may :D

This is a pic of a Roberts Skeleton...not mine, this is from the site..mine is this finish but it really is a shabby effort form them, more than likely a prototype they just wanted to get rid off. But it does play extremly well and when fed through a guitar mod pedal you can make it sound like any kind of £2000 guitar you want..Also, it was free....which is a long story, but I bought it, got into an argument with the maker about the tatty case it came in and general poor finish and he returned my money and told me to go away...so...with all its cosmetic faults...but excelent playing its a really unusual guitar and at that price....a bargain.


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