Thursday, 29 October 2009


I dropped my work laptop...well, to be more specific, I was using it on the arm of the couch, then had to answer an urgent call of nature and as I stood up, it slid off and crashed to the floor...banged on the corner and the screen is now a rainbow of colours and unreadable.

I broked it..I totally broked it.

oops...Hope I can get a new one from work without too much effort...fortunately its just the screen so I should be able to transfer everything from it by hooking it up to a monitor but a sad way for a faithful and reliable laptop to die, so young too, less than 18 months.

In other news..Bina's coming home tonight (yeahhhhh) and bringing my mum over for a week. This will be her 1st proper trip to the Netherlands, though she always says she's been here before as a result of a transfer at Schipol airport. Now she can have a proper look around.

I suppose I'd better to some cleaning up and shopping before they arrive. :D


Still trying to sell some of my guitars in anticipation of some nice new ones :D

I have here a nice unbranded 12string guitar I got on ebay, can't remember exactly what it cost now but it wasn't much. Its a rather nice Elec Acoustic, Large Concert size/shape (maybe a small jumbo) Sounds nice and stays in tune well. But does have a tiny bit of top warp which has caused the bridge to rise very slightly on one side and as a result the action is a bit high. The neck does have a truss rod fitted though so it might be possible to tweak that.
No case or bag for this though

3 band Equ with presence and of course volume

Trying to show the lift

and of course front and back



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