Saturday, 17 October 2009

I am a poker god!!!

Every week or so I try to go to a poker game, sometimes with my dutch friends sometimes with work colleagues. Last night was a colleague event, which are a bit less serious than the others.
Last night was a fairly small group 6 of us, due to some other events that were happening but it was still one of the best games I've played in ages. Of course I say that with my chest puffing out becuase I won, but it was still really good, with everyone enjoying themselves.

I played great all night except for 1 incredibly reckless hand where I badly miscalculated how many chips I had and almost got wiped out on a very bad call. I mistook my blue 2's for black 10's....must get some more distinct chips. Fortunately though I was left with enough to play a few hands and managed to get back into the game ending up in a heads up with Gisselle from the office, who had been playing brilliantly all night (and was responsible for my almost terminal mistake). The heads up only lasted a couple of hands and the final play was unbelievable....All night we had been hitting straights and I had a 3 and 4 of spades in the pocket. Not a great hand at all but as I was the big blind I had no reason not to play it. Gisselle called and the flop turned up 2 aces and a 2...a possible straight... but the flush still possible but unlikely.

The 2 aces were important. I played a small bet to test Gisselle and she went all in....Oh boy...what to do.. I was a way out chip lead so could afford to call it but 3 and 4's are not going to win most times....She had to have something good and my only real chance was a flush, hit 3 of a kind with my pockets for a full house...not likely, or hit the straight, so there were possibilities of 3 strong hands, but the chances of hitting them seemed poor. The chances of a flush or full house are pretty poor, so I figured I needed the straight, only a 5 would win and I had 2 cards to get it...

The odds normally are terrible, but in a heads up those 4x 5's are likely to still be in the pack...I really had to think about it..Gisselle's all in was big enough to make me think, I'd still be chip lead if I lost but the chances of winning were pretty slim.....but we had been hitting straights all night....

I called!

It was a show down. Gisselle had an ace in her hand..oh no.3 aces on the flop and I still had nothing. The turn was a red picture card, no help the flush and full house were now gone.. I was all on the River and only a 5 would save me.

Dino was dealing and paused on the last card....his face said it all as he saw the card a second or 2 before we did.

.....I hit the 5....INCREDIBLE just awesome, I won the game on a crazy hunch that I might just hit a straight.

One of the best games I've played in ages and a hand I will remember for a long time, here's the hand sorry its so blurry, my camera phone is rubbish...never buy a samsung for the camera.


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