Thursday, 12 November 2009

10 days

and counting

In other news though my 3rd year students are working on porting a PC project porting to the PSP. Originally I was going to do a no deadline DS version (still am I hope) but in the process of evaluating the project I realized it was an excellent chance to let my students work on something meaningful in their AGT console classes which I teach. No more dry fussy tech demos, lets make an actual commercial game.

The details are under NDA of course so I can't say too much at this point, but basically its a fun arcade puzzle game that was written a few years ago as a personal project between an artist and a coder. The coder did pretty much all the work and then left to start a new job, leaving the artist (and project owner) high and dry to complete it.

I had offered my help a year or so back, but lack of time on both parts meant we couldn't get together on it. But this year our schedules were free at the same time and we agreed to complete it.

But having taken delivery of our new Sony Edu program PSP dev kits, this was just too good a chance to turn down, especially with it turned out a major (as in huge) publisher had expressed an interest in it..So...I gave the 3rd years an assignment to port the code and produce graphic systems to display the assets supplied and they've done an amazing job in the time available (more so since we're a bit short on PSP dev kits).

Next block we'll work on enhancements and speed improvements but its clear the game is well underway and looking awesome. It's entirely possible I won't need to do more than a bit of polishing up on it to get it up to scratch. We've even managed to find a way to include our design students so they can contribute levels to it making it a project almost every student will be involved in.

I'm very very proud of them, they RTFM as I told them to do.


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