Thursday, 19 November 2009

ebay dilemma

dammit...sometimes ebay really winds me up. I'm still waiting on the Lucille to arrive from the US. Fully expecting to have to pay some customs and fees but am unable to tell until I hear from the seller and get the tracking number.

He was quite chatty before I commited to the sale, but since paying up he's become much less chatty, and the only info I have is that he shipped it last Thursday and he'd send me a tracking number on Monday when he got back to the office....its now Thursday and despite mailing him every day so tracking number. It may be in customs, it may not..I have no idea.

All a bit worrying..Notmally I'm not too stressed, but given the value (both cash and sentiment) of the item, I don't like this lack of comms. I'm fully covered by paypal and visa of course, but it'll be a pain in the backside if I have to go to those extremes to get refunds...not that we're at that stage yet, but the lack of communication gets you thinking the worst. I do have a phone number though so I might give them a call this evening to ask what the fuck is going on. a mail from the sellers wife (he's away apparently). So I now have a tacking number and of course it wasn't shipped on Thursday (boxed maybe but not shipped). It was shipped on Monday, and hasn't left the US yet..ah least I know its on its way now.


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