Monday, 16 November 2009


The 6 string Breedlove has arrived...with a bill for €150 for customs but ah well..still saved over €400 on the European cost.

Lovely lovely guitar, I tried to take some pics to show of the lovely purling with Abalone binding but it does not come out on a phone camera. I'll post them later.

Of sounds magnificent too, really a quality bit of kit, low action and fantastic neck..oh it is a work of bloody art.

Came in a gig bag though, was hoping for a case, but no matter.

I was rather shocked to find it came tuned and because it was cold the strings were over tuned by at least a tone!!. Its normal practice when shipping guitars to detune them so that when they chill the don't tighten so much that they put strain on the neck. I once had a guitar headstock snap off cos it was shipped in tune.

Never mind fortunately there was no harm this time

Still suffering a bit from the Friday lurgy which came back with a vengeance yesterday..Not really in the mood for much but eating and sleeping, will have a good play with the 6 later


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