Wednesday, 11 November 2009

9 days and counting

9 Days my guitar has been in Customs...very annoying.

I did however receive my Moondog Electric Violin today which I also bought on good old ebay, for a silly price.


Yeah, been wanting to have a crack at violin for a while, but not right away, I know these particular violins are very good value for money.

Moondog used to sell some really awesome low cost, high quality guitars, as well as violins (a husband and wife company, he played guitar, she played violin) but sadly the company went bust last year (probably should have been charging more) so they are now hard to get. I was saving up to buy one of their guitars before I moved to Holland then forgot about it. Shame really.

Anyway when I saw the violin on ebay and noted it was being used by a pro in a band I bid for it, got it for 50quid...which is about half price if memory serves.

I'll have a bit of a tinker with it, but its not something I'm going to take serious for a while, got my guitar lessons to focus on 1st


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