Sunday, 22 November 2009

wherefore art thou Lucille?

Well after the hassle of getting the tracking number, it was further frustration to see that there appeared to be no movement by Lucille since she was picked up in Spring Texas. Though this seems to be more a case of the USPS not updating than anything else.
Days went by with no update and I was starting to doubt I had the right tracking number.

However on Saturday I did get a notice that she had arrived in New Jersey for International dispatch and finally she's on her way over the water. Will probably hear on Monday that she's in Customs and then have to wait to see what happens.

Harvey is starting to calm down now that there are less strangled cat sounds coming from the bedroom when Bina is practicing...actually starting to make some recognizable tunes now...Go and tell Aunt Nancy never sounded so good...after 100 attempts. :D


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