Saturday, 14 November 2009

My last purchase here it is, my last guitar purchase (no really thats it) I now have all the guitars I could ever hope for.

She's currently on her way from the US, and yes this is a she, a very special lady, A '98 mint condition Gibson ES345 Lucille. Thats the BB King signature model if you are interested.

I won't tell you what I paid for her but it was a fair bit, but waaaay cheaper than I could ever hope to get one in Europe due to the crashing $ price against the pound. If you want to buy anything expensive at the moment look into buying on rather than I wish I had more money to spend with so many cool things I've never been able to afford becoming affordable.

Every year NHTV give us a Christmas I spend it on this (before I got it..but basically this is my Xmas bonus for myself)

And that really is it..I have no interest in Jazz style guitar (though I could use Lucille for that) so don't need a widebody hollow electric so I have what I want

1 Gibson ES-345 Lucille
1 Fender Strat Custom
1 Breedlove AC250/SM-12
1 Breedlove AC25/SR+
1 Rodriguez Model B

Course I still have the Roberts which I will keep for pedal effect stuff and quiet night practice. The Sigma GC4 though will have to go, I'll keep it for now while I'm taking my lessons as I can carry it around without fear of breaking something that will cost a fortune to repair or replace, but once I feel I've moved on far enough with my lessons, I'll sell it off, it will give someone a lot of fun.

So...I bet Bina's looking at this now and going why so many (mum too)? Just remember I had 9 before, now I've cut right back to 5 main guitars and 1 silly one (The Roberts Skel)

Each has a different use, sound and tone, the Lucille is a blues guitar, pure and simple, the Strat is for Rock and heavy metal/grunge etc. The Breedlove 12 is for big ringing acoustic chords and the Breedlove 6 is for all other kinds of acoustic. The Rodriguez is for classical.

Also..these are not as you may have noticed cheap shit novelty guitars, these are genuine quality instruments who's value will grow with time, I'm investing in my guitars and making a commitment to learn to play properly to justify the expense.

See, sensible when you think about it....Though ask any can never have enough guitars...and who kmows I might develop an interest in Jazz guitar (George Benson is AM AZ ING!! ):D


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