Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Having to shout a bit as mum's getting a bit deaf...aren't you mum?

She's been staying with us this week and seems to be really enjoying our little bit of Dutch paradise, despite an unfortunate attack of vertigo the day after she arrived she's recovered well enough to participate in some Olympic standard girly shopping with Bina.

At least I'm not drinking alone now eh mum ;)

Got my new 12string Breedlove yesterday, I ordered it from a US company as they are a bit hard to source in the Europe and also quite expensive. I was very worried about shipping a guitar that far, but I really needn't have. It arrived well packed and in perfect condition. The falling dollar rate made it an absolute bargain.

I wasn't going to get another 12 string but after deciding to get rid of mine and playing it a lot to try it out I realised I really do like the sound it makes and its an excellent practice guitar since you have to be more precise with the fingering.

So I couldn't escape the fact there was a Breedlove AC250/12 for sale on ebay at a silly price, Its a factory reconditioned one so even cheaper than a shop bought so long as I'm willing to put up with a small "used" stamp on the back of the headstock.

So long as it plays I don't mind little blems like that. And now it's here it is just wonderful, the action as almost as low as my Fender and once I tuned it up it had the most amazing warm woody sound to it. Definitly goes to show that you do indeed have to pay for quality. Amped up it sounds amazing..though I don't play gigs I am sure it would be perfect for a live performance.

I'm expecting my other Breedlove, a new (not refurb) AC25/SR+ 6 string any day now. Also from the states (the dollar rate is too good to ignore I'm getting these things almost half price compared to a few months ago) and I'm itching to try it out, if its half as good as the 12 string its going to be wonderful.

My old 12 string has a buyer and that just leaves a spare classical to sell off to make space, after that..no more (well I do still want a Gibson 355...but that's currently way beyond my means so we'll have to wait for that....hmmm but the exchange rate is....no no..wait)


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