Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bye mummsie

Finally getting rid of the auld bag today, I have to take her up to Schipol and dump her at the departure gate to make sure she goes though ;)

Been nice having her here though and she's enjoyed her time in Breda. Shame the weather has been pretty rubbish the whole time. We'll try and get her back here in the summer when there's more to do.

In other news, we had our office "study day" yesterday, which is designed to reflect on what works and what needs changing for our course. Considering we recently achieved a #1 rating as the best program of its type in Holland for the 2nd year running it's easy to rest on our laurels, but we did spot a few things and had a great days meeting working out new proposals to make it stronger still. Holland this year, Europe next ;)

Its actually a shame our program does not get more coverage outside of Holland, I suspect we are quite possibly the only course of this nature which is set up with experienced game developers teaching students and geared to producing fully fledged game developers able to walk straight into the industry with little or no further training.

My experience of other courses has been quite disappointing with graduates often lacking even basic understanding of the game dev process. I have my 3rd years working on a potentially commercial project for the PSP and already they have the skills needed to produce a working game on a hardware platform they've only just been exposed to. Really does make me incredibly proud to see them tackle something like that with such gusto.


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