Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Fraud reported

Ok so the fraud has been reported and the transactions should be refunded shortly, there's clear evidence of fraudulent use so they can't say it was me buying 50 online entry visa's to Saudi Arabia

They may even refund all or some of the missed auto renewed payments since there is supposed to be a notice of renewal and I never got one...though its possible it got stuck in a junk mail filter..They'll contact the company and should be able to agree the account was unused for over 3 years so they had no right to charge for it, but thats not as clear cut apparently since a lot of companies hide autorenew systems when you pay for things with cards and its up to the card holder to stop it...bloody scam merchants. Apparently its a well known issue but since everyone is making money out of it, they don't seem too keen to cut it out.
Nothing more dishonest than bankers!!

Either way, it won't be happening again, I'm being issued with a new card and pins to prevent further use and I'm going to be more careful about using cards on line.


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