Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Guitars are cool

I'm really loving Larry, the Gordon Smith G60, though she does need a new pickup selector, or perhaps just a clean..she's really light and has an awesome neck, she and my SG are my 2 now favourite practice guitars. I most certainly am going to keep my eyes peeled for a GS flying V if its anything as good as this G60 it'll be amazing.

On Doctors orders, I've been practicing a lot recently, my fingers are positively sore to the bone, but the result is my picking/finger co-ordination is considerably better, I'm hitting complex licks with much more confidence and regularity, even a few solo's are starting to sound melodic..yeaaahhh only took 30 years to work that out.

I'm practicing hard for a public jam session with other IGAD players next week. Might have a crack at some more recording soon, that should make mumsy proud :D

Gibson sent me a new selector switch for my DF, so I'll be taking a trip up to the dealers near Amsterdam to get it booked in for its repairs. It won't be ready in time for the jam, but thats fine I don't want to take it anywhere where it might get picked up and dropped again, I'll probably take Nonemore and Frankie with me to the Jam. Nonemore's EMG's will make themselves heard above any amount of din and Frankie is awsome for chugging away in the background.



Anonymous said...

looking forward to another recording!

Boring old Fart said...

lol you must be the only one...need to get a couple of cables sorted out to fix up my recording system and then we'll see what can be done. At the moment I can only lay down individual guitar tracks and I want to be a bit more flexible.