Sunday, 16 January 2011

fuck me...

2 issues I am furious about.

1 is unnotified auto renew on credit cards you may use to pay for website subscriptions, it seems I've had one on an old dating site for some time when I was single, and every fucking year since its charged me even though the account was long since closed down. Took me ages to work out how to stop the autorenew hidden away in layers of account settings, and the cheeky bastards made me go through endless, are you sure confirmations. I'll be calling the card company on Monday to make extra sure that autorenews are stopped. I am down about 300 quid over 3 years and never noticed.

I'm livid about this of course, its a cheeky sneeky thing to do, and am trying hard to think about all the subscriptions I have signed up to over the years that will probably have done the same....but I don't think there are many others, mags and personal website renewals being the only ones I can think of, I'll need to investigate further.

It would have gone unnoticed, until I got my statements, since the card used is my old UK credit card which I only use for a paypal backup and situations when my dutch card does not work.

I have to send the statements to a UK address, which was fine till I recently renewed the card and had to give a different address in the UK. Previous years statements went to the house I was sharing with Austin when Bina and I were split, and I've not really been checking the couple of packages of mail he sent over as they were nearly all junk.

But how this was discovered is the 2nd point, the statements now go to Bina's mum, who from time to time sends our uk mail over to us. But for some reason, Bina asked her sister inlaw to open the mail to check for junk mail.

Open MY mail, my personal financial mail, being read by someone other than me...and now I've just had Bina on the facetime link on Ipod asking me about my financial spending while going through MY credit card statement, because the credit card company have been writing personal private letters to get in touch.

It seems there is some odd activity on the card, someone might be using it and they've sent a couple of letters asking me to get in touch, but it wasn't me who opened that personal and private letter....they've tried to call a few times, my UK phone has not been charged for some time, so I missed the calls, so they've written, and it wasn't me who opened that letter, someone else opened that letter.

Now despite the fact that these letters would be marked private, possibly urgent, other people are opening MY mail and going through MY finance statements, and reading that someone may be using MY cards fraudulently, and I'm then being asked what I am using my card for.

Jeezuz, that is utterly utterly wrong, I feel totally and completly exposed here...I totally trust Bina in all things but I have a very very strong sense of personal privacy and to me opening someones mail is just completely wrong, espcially financial things...I never ever ever open her mail, never, not in a million years, and she knows this, I've always handed her mail to her to open, and I would never ever expect anyone to open mine, bills, statmetns, letters, bank statements etc, are just so utterly personal that you just don't do that...

You just don't!

And I'm furious about this....but somehow I'm in the wrong for being upset that my personal and private mail is being opened.

I don't care if the autorenew scam got discovered, I dont' care that there is a worry that my card is being used by a scam artist, I will resolve that all when I open MY own personal private mail and am informed of the issue...I do not expect someone else to open my mail and hassle me about it.


And I am 100% totally and completly right to be angry as fuck about this.


No bloody way is that right, no bloody way.


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