Friday, 28 January 2011

Too Good to be true?

You know when people say something is too good to be true, it must be a con.

This looks like one to me

If your reading this 3 months later, it will be gone and you have no idea what I am linking to, but basically someone on ebay is selling a very rare Duane Allman signature Les Paul, prototype no less, with no reserve starting at £1. with 2 hours or so to go, the price has reached a little over £1000

I dunno what it'll make in the end, probably £3-4K. But that is a bargain. These retail "new" at £7K when they were out in 2003, and change hands for anything up to 24K now...

But its all wrong, as much as I am DYING to bid on this for a purely investment chance (well maybe some playing) it don't feel right..The seller is apparently US based, but the item is in Spain and listed in the UK ebay for pounds not Dollars or Euros..They won't deliver to most of the European countries and to top it off they are totally unresponsive to questions.

And that price...who the hell puts a 24K+ guitar on an auction starting at £1 with no reserve.

Its all very very suss. So while my savings are screaming at me to buy it buy it, my head is correctly pointing out, something aint I'm going to very very very reluctantly pass on this.


2 hours to go and its at £1,130....I predict 3K as the final price, but I'm going to keep an eye on feedback on this to see if it really is a con, if not I will be soooooooo upset.

edit, yup £3100, a fair bit of money, but of this thing is for real its an absolute steal and an easy double/triple your money by selling to a specialist store. I really can't see it being genuine though, just too many things not quite right about it, I'll be keeping an eye on the sellers feedback to see if it all goes tits up.


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