Sunday, 30 January 2011

I'm getting good at this.

I'm getting so I can spot potential fakes quite quickly now...this for example

Seems to be a '95 Corvette Les Paul with some damage...but its wrong!. Seller claims to know nothing about it yet makes quite an effort to sell it with hi res pics and all, but starts it at £1 with NR, then avoids hassle by claiming no technical knowledge.
Its a pretty beasty to be sure, even with a bit of damage, which in itself looks suss...but there's other things, the lack of chrome in places, the pickups should be inscribed and there should be a stamp on the headstock back, as well as a chrome truss road cover.

I'm not 100% sure its a fake, no two guitars are exactly the same even in the same model, and its not uncommon for things to be changed in production or after..but...meh I'm more than 50% sure which is enough to keep my hand off mouse.

If its real its one of 200 in the world, quite collectable and worth 5-8K maybe more depeding on the damage....and it probably will sell for around 1K.
Someone will either get a bargain or be very very pissed off.

edit....yup..its been withdrawn....probably other people noticed it too.

edit.edit yup was a copy, in fact another corvette LP with the same serial number is for sale on the US ebay for £4.2K with all its chrome and engravings in the right place, so that is probably the genuine article (or a better copy using the same serial)..So a good spot.

Anyway the point of to be careful when you buy expensive items on ebay, impluse buys are often prone to the checks and research the item and you can avoid being ripped off 99% of ebay sales go without a hitch and are very successful but never forget there are crooks and cheats out there as well as people who just make mitakes and sell stuff in good faith which is not what they think it is.

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