Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Just noticed a text on my UK phone which I charged up to investigate the card fraud..Seems I missed a call today, and then recieved a text, saying I was £499 over my card limit and to reply back with my 3 digit code to pay...

hmmmmm bit suss, will call them tomorrow to see if its actually from them, or if the scrot who's using my card is trying to get my security number again. It does mean they have my phone number too...quite worrying.

Hope to fuck I'm not £499 over my limit, it means there's even more cash being stolen than I have information about. Shouldn't be a problem of course since its fraud but eek!! discovered I can check my account on the internet now and sure enough, Enjaz information tech have been very busy £1,952.36 in total taken out over the last month or so plus the 350 or so in November.
Dozens and dozens of transactions some small some large...and the card comapany seem to only have let it happen till the credit limit was reached....shocking


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