Sunday, 30 January 2011

Nice innit?

She's an Ovation VXT-s Hybrid, which means she's an "electric", acoustic with fancy pickups and internal electrics to dial in the Electics sounds when you want them.

Like this

Nice...I just picked it up from ebay, nice and cheap too, though they are being sold off, as Ovation is going through some managment changes and a lot of models have been discontinued like this has, making them more affordable than the £1500 they were asking for them a couple of years back.

Sadly though this does mean the end of my Roberts Skeleton, since she's basically a much more advanced version of that, and I can't really claim that keeping both is justified. Will put it on ebay when I get this one and check it all out, think I might dump one of the electric classicals as well to make space and help pay for this.


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